Our Story

Firstly, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you so much for supporting Nurtured and finding your way to 'Our Story' today. We love connecting with our customers, so please feel free to share your own stories with us along the way as well! 

We can't begin to explain how excited we are to bring our passion and aspirations to life through Nurtured and we are very much looking forward to a future of bringing our customers beautiful products and inspiring content to really 'turn that frown upside down', even on the worst days! 

We thought we would tell you a bit about ourselves and what lead us to Nurtured during such a chaotic time in Australia.. However you will notice that we have decided to write about each other, because even on the best of days, we know each other better than we know ourselves! 

Courtney - Co-Creator & Super Mama 

Goodness me, where do I even begin!

Courtney is a beautiful mother of two incredibly perfect babes, Bobby & Patsy who throughout her own journey into motherhood discovered that useful information and products that could really assist new & expecting mums just isn't as widely available as she would have expected. It took a lot of research and trial and error for Court to find what works, what helps and what you don't know you need, but you do! And now she is so excited to share her experiences with as many beautiful mum's as she can. 

Especially during such uncertain times, it can be difficult for mums to find their way and share their experiences with other mums, and Court is so passionate about creating a platform that will make this possible. 

Although a busy mum of two, Court still finds the time to be a loving, supportive and available best friend, as well as a bad a** business partner! I am forever grateful for the friendship we have built over the years but absolutely losing my mind over the fact that the best is yet to come 

Melanie - Co-Creator & Espresso Martini Enthusiast 

Mel has been on a wild ride of spiritual and emotional connection within herself for a couple of years now and over the past year of therapy, started to realise that for most people, there are so many deep traumas we hold onto subconsciously throughout our lives that can effect who we are today.
This sparked her inspiration and drive for Nurtured, being able to provide self care items that can kick start a self-love, self exploration process and ensure more and more people are feeling so worthy and loved every single day.

Mel has always wanted to find a path in life where she can ‘help others’ and what better way or time to start doing so. 

Starting this business with my best friend of too many years to count is a dream come true. To paint a picture; it's launch day, Mel has been here since 12pm working on our website, putting the final touches on everything, going through each page and each product, changing my 8 week olds nappies, reading my toddler books, and reminding me of all the things on my to do list as well. I would be absolutely lost without her ♡

☀ ☀ 

We both believe that the only way to find and maintain happiness amongst the chaos is turning within, being present in the moment and always reminding yourself how many wonderful things you have to be grateful for and that's exactly what we hope Nurtured can help you do.

Just a couple of passionate, loving and driven besties who cannot wait to share this journey with the rest of the world xx